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Property administration in Barcelona

Sale, purchase, rental and administration of properties

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Are you looking for a property manager? Do you need one, two, three services? Or end-to-end management? At BZ Gestió we guarantee the professional management of your residents’ association. We boast more than forty years of experience as property administrators. Take a look at what we can do for you!

End-to-end property management

To manage properties, you need time, resources, patience, the latest information, and so on.

Advantages of BZ GESTIÓ

We manage more than 100 residents’ associations and well over 1,000 properties.

Property rentals

Want to rent out your property? Owner of premises you want to rent out? Not using your parking space?

End-to-end property management

We’ve been official property administrators for more than 40 years now.

Property administration

  • End-to-end management and administration of the rental of properties, premises and parking spaces
  • Management of sale/purchase of properties, plots, premises and parking spaces
  • Asset management
  • Management of transfers

Administration of residents’ associations


  • End-to-end management and administration of residents’ associations.
  • Cost and revenue audits to balance out the budgets of residents’ associations.
  • Management of subsidies, property refurbishment, budgets and works.

Find out the benefits of our end-to-end management services

Property administration

Reduce outgoings with an optimal cost and revenue audit.

No need to worry about finding out what you need to refurbish your property.

No need to worry about researching and securing subsidies.

No need to despair when comparing and following up quotes.

Meetings, minutes, conflicts between residents... Benefit from a professional moderator for the meetings of your residents' association.

Have constant and up-to-date legal advice on hand.

Room available for the meetings of your residents' association.

Management and administration of rentals

We find the best tenants for your property.

We draft the contract, which includes home insurance, providing all the required details in each section or clause.

We manage properties that have already been rented out: utility bills, payment, repairs, quotes, due dates, change of tenants, CPI increases, requests or demands, etc.

We manage the purchase, sale or transfer of your property.

Advantages of BZ Gestió

Advantages of BZ GESTIÓ

And also…

We arrange and attend meetings of residents' associations.

We manage the issues and concerns of the residents' association.

We oversee the accounts and budgets.

We help define the rules of the residents' association.

We know the rights and obligations of the residents' association and how to take advantage of them.

What customers say about BZ GESTIÓ

Company committed to CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility

Property rentals

At BZ GESTIÓ we help you rent out your property quickly, safely and at the going price.
Check out why we’re the best professionals in the industry:

The average time for us to rent out a property is 10 days.

Careful filtering of potential tenants and subsequent selection (depending on the case, request for references, endorsement, one-month guarantee, etc.), third-party insurance, etc.

We know the current details about rentals in a certain area, at a specific time and with certain characteristics (end prices, not those advertised).

We’re sure you’re renting it out because… We take care of your property as if it were ours!

Leave management and administration in our hands… one less worry for you!