About us: mission, vision and values of BZ GESTIÓ

About us

BZ GESTIÓ is part of the Balsells Zaragoza Group, which was created in 1980 as Balsells Zaragoza Gestión S.L., a general insurance broker, property management company and tax consultancy for private individuals.

Experience and excellent results led to our customers asking for more and more services. And so we opened new lines of business, taking us right up to the present day:


BZ GESTIÓ is the company in the group focused on providing reputable and personalised end-to-end services in the fields of property administration, asset and property management, sale and purchase of properties, rent of properties, insurance, tax and legal advice, and investment consulting.


Our team

Our team has been carefully selected and trained to guarantee excellent service. This means that the administration of your residents’ association and the commercial management of your property is not a burden for you.

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To provide end-to-end and quality advice on asset management without any worries for the owner.

  • End-to-end advice: we cover all the customer’s needs related to asset management, property management, insurance, etc.
  • Quality : more than forty years in the neighbourhood, tailoring to your needs and using state-of-the-art processes and technologies.
  • Asset management: constant updating and recycling on industry legislation.
  • No worries for the owner: our focus is the owner’s peace of mind.


To be a benchmark in Barcelona for asset management and quality service.

  • To be a benchmark in Barcelona: not to be any old company, but to set trends with our know-how in the neighbourhood and in our city.
  • Asset management: we know and address all the details of any type of property.
  • Quality service: the commitment to our customers means that we seek excellence in everything we do.


Honesty, transparency, modesty and customer orientation.

  • Honesty: having so many years of experience shows that we’ve always done things honestly. We don’t tell the customer what they want to hear; instead we tell them the truth from the very first moment on. We understand that the customer trusts us to advise them and help solve their worries.
  • Transparency: we’re very clear from the outset and we don’t make last-minute changes.
  • Modesty: this is a key value in every business. We explain things in simply and clearly so that the customer understands it perfectly. And we don’t brag about things; the results are our best endorsement.
  • Customer orientation: we take care of the customer and we commit fully to them. We act as if we were in the same situation: we have empathy and we know how to put ourselves in their place.
BZ GESTIÓ is who you need! You’ll save yourself work, time and headaches.