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Property administration

In BZ GESTIÓ we are dedicated to the administration of Communities of owners since 1980. As Collegiate Farm Administrators we have a professional Civil Liability insurance and a surety insurance, as a guarantee of our services.


Community Administration

Excellent property management

With our management, no owner, including the Board, has to worry about the proper functioning of the Community.

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24 hour phone

Breakdowns and incidents

All incidents are managed through a CALL CENTER and in Balsells Zaragoza Gestió we keep track of all incidents.


Breakdown messages

Breakdowns and incidents

Telephone number to send fault messages: Whatsapp or SMS only.

Customer service from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm

With good administration we make everything work out!

We work with industrialists specially trained for the works that are agreed upon, after presenting the corresponding budgets.

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Virtual Administrator User Manual

Download the virtual administrator user manual, an essential tool for managing your community.

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Virtual Admin on Android

To install Virtual Admin on your Android Mobile Phone , follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome and load the page you want to add.
  2. Click on the menu, the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose “Add to Home Screen” and you will have direct access to the web on your main desktop.

Virtual Manager on iPhone

If you want to install the virtual administrator shortcut on your your iPhone mobile phone , watch the following PDF.

Community Administration

Nuestras funciones principales son:

  1. Writing and sending of announcements to meetings.
  2. Inform and advise the Community of all current and future regulations that must be complied with.
  3. Legal advice in our office on all issues arising from the Community.
  4. Attend meetings of co-owners, being careful that any agreements made are legal.
  5. Drafting and sending of the minutes of the meeting to all the co-owners of the property, once it is conformed by the President of the Community of Owners.
  6. Community cost audit. Study of the expenses to reduce them as necessary, without losing any service.
  7. Processing of all payments that affect the Community of owners, both the ordinary according to the annual budget, accepted by the Community, and the extraordinary (works, etc.) that have also been agreed. The payments will be made only with the express authorization of the President of the Community. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE DATA PROTECTION LAW, THE CONTACT OF MR.
  8. In the case of approval of extraordinary works, advice on the means to finance them; budget management, if the Community orders it, and the management of approved spills with direct income from said spills into a specific Community account.

  1. Presentation of annual financial statements, including general expenses and income, as well as the distribution of payments and collections to obtain the balance corresponding to each of the entities.
  2. In the case of extraordinary works, presentation of a different statement of accounts, which integrates the payments and collections, as well as the distribution to obtain the corresponding balance for each entity.
  3. Preparation and presentation of an ordinary budget of expenses planned for the next financial year and how to meet it.
  4. Manage, monitor and attend to community insurance. BZ Gestió we are insurance brokers, if we act as agents, we will process the collection of indemnities, before paying the corresponding notice.
  5. Make the payment of taxes, especially the IBI, even the individual ones, making sure that the amount is correct, if the owners order us to do so.
  6. To serve the President of the Community, or the members of the Board in all matters affecting the Community, and all the owners who make up the Community in all matters arising from it.

Manage your community
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Quality management

We take care of the proper functioning of the community/p>

To provide service to our customers we rely on technology:

  • Online access to consult your information.
  • WhatsApp for notification of breakdowns.
  • And an App to manage your estate from your mobile.

We make a personalized estimate based on the services and characteristics of the property.

Fees include an Ordinary Meeting a year. The Administrator’s office is offered for meetings. Meetings with the Community, whether ordinary or extraordinary, are held Monday through Thursday.

Payment of the dues to meet the expenses of the property is made quarterly, with the receipts domiciled in bank. In the case of extraordinary payments, as often as the owners decide, and also through direct debits at the bank.

Extraordinary meetings cost € 175.00 plus VAT per meeting.

Legal consulting services will have a cost depending on the work done (digital signature processing; declarations, salary sheets, etc.).


The Community will have assigned to our office a very capable person, directly responsible for all the tasks that may be entrusted to us.

Our schedule is from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm, except holidays. We do not close during the month of August.

The 24 HOUR CALL CENTER is available to report breakdowns or incidents.

Manage your community
BZ GESTIÓ is who you need! You’ll save yourself work, time and headaches.