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Tenants: reliable rental

Looking for a property with your partner? Want to leave the family home? New in the neighbourhood? Here to study? Need more space? Need a flat for yourself? New addition to the family? In short… Looking for a rental property? There are many reasons to rent out a property. Which one’s your?

Tips for choosing the right rental property

Everything you ever wanted to know about rental apartments and didn’t know where to look

Renting with BZ GESTIÓ

If you’re looking for a rental apartment, better with BZ GESTIÓ!

We’ve found the property that’s best for you. Want to know how we did it?

Tips for choosing the right rental property

Here are some handy tips for when you rent out a property:

Ask for an inventory. And if the owner doesn’t have one, do it yourself:

  • If the property is furnished: list everything in it (furniture, lamps, appliances, kitchenware, etc.) and their state of repair.
  • If the property isn’t furnished : describe elements such as water tanks, blinds, boiler, utilities, etc.

Ask for 2 weeks to go through the inventory and see how everything works, and then let the owner or administrator know the result.

  • Check that the deposit has been deposited with Incasol.
  • Check that the utility readings match those in the contract.
  • Make sure that the property has a habitability certificate and an energy certificate (responsibility of the owner).

Besides the deposit, the additional guarantee and estate agency fees according to the contract, you must have insurance policy for any damage you may cause.

Renting with BZ GESTIÓ

If you want to rent out a flat, here are some of our tips:

We’re your agency because this is our maxim:

Owners are happy if tenants are also happy

In other words, our goal as estate agents is for your rental experience to be excellent, because that means a win-win situation for everyone.

At BZ GESTIÓ we manage more than 1,000 properties. We know how to manage your rental quickly, safely and at the going price.

We guarantee that all the steps prior to moving in are within the law.

  • We check that the readings of utility meters are up to date and we make changes of ownership.
  • We respond quickly in the event of an accident. As intermediaries, we try to act as quickly as possible but we depend on owners, insurance companies and suppliers.
  • We stand up for the payback of your deposit by checking the state of the property and the contract terms.
  • We manage your interests and the owner’s interests fairly.
BZ GESTIÓ is who you need! You’ll save yourself work, time and headaches.